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AMPM accelerates growth with online ordering and virtual stores

September 13, 2022 | Global

AMPM was founded in 1986 and now has more than 50 locations across Costa Rica. The brand is a traditional convenience store concept with the addition of perishables, including freshly baked bread and prepared foods. Fresh Market, their second brand, currently has 35 stores. Fresh Market emphasizes fresh products; from fruits and vegetables and meat products, to pastries. A third concept, called Host, was launched in 2020. It is a “dark store” concept with 100% delivery and is supported exclusively by digital sales. We spoke with Felipe Hernández, Innovation and technology manager for all three brands to learn more about AMPM Costa Rica and how they’ve been growing with Uber Eats.

By the numbers

online sales vs. 2020 levels

avg completion rate

reduction in order cancellations

The convenience of online ordering and delivery

The pandemic accelerated the role of delivery services in the convenience store category. This proved to be essential for both consumers and businesses during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Working with Uber Eats enabled AMPM and Fresh Market to continue serving their loyal customers with reliable and convenient delivery. It also made it easy for the brands to connect with new customers who hadn’t been shopping in the store. Since 2020 online sales have grown more than 10x fueled by changes in customer behavior and expectation.

“At AMPM we’re always looking for innovative ways to serve our customers, and stand out. Uber Eats has been a terrific partner in helping us find solutions that drive customer satisfaction and growth.”

Felipe Hernández, Innovation & Technology Manager, AMPM

Rapid expansion through virtual stores

As digital sales continued to grow across their traditional store brands, AMPM has innovated with a digital first concept they call Host, making express delivery of key convenience and food items available to an even wider audience that was not already being served by their existing store locations. Host relies on online orders for demand, virtual stores to fulfill items, and Uber Eats’ network of couriers to deliver orders to customers at work and at home.

Hello to more new customers

New customers are critical to the growth of the company. Uber makes it easy to reach new customers who might not yet know the AMPM brands. As one of the first convenience store brands to offer online ordering through the Uber Eats app, AMPM has become expert at using promotions and special offers to help the brand stand out and get noticed.

“We count on the huge consumer and delivery network that Uber has to help us attract new customers. With Uber we can do that cost-effectively.”

Felipe Hernández, Innovation & Technology Manager, AMPM

Measuring progress to improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a critical focus of the organization, and data from Uber Eats helps the team stay on top of key measures of success including order completion rates, connection times, and customer reviews. Uber Eats makes it easy for AMPM leadership to see performance data across all of their stores, which has helped the team identify top performers who can share best practices, and lower performers who might need support to improve.

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