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Merchant success stories from around the globe

We’re proud to partner with hundreds of thousands of merchants globally. Below you’ll find stories about how business owners are using the Uber Eats platform to reach more customers.

“Uber Eats connects us with new customers. And Uber Direct lets us offer a native experience that’s custom to our brand, with the convenience and reliability of delivery by the Uber network of drivers.”

Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, One Table Restaurant Brands

Hear from our partners

White Castle delivers crave-worthy experiences with Uber Direct and Uber Eats

Learn how White Castle works with Uber Direct and Uber Eats to help the company grow its business one delicious delivery at a time.

Burger 25 shares the recipe for success with Uber Eats

Steve Vetter, the fearless founder of Burger 25 dishes on how they’re partnering with Uber Eats to grow their burger empire in New Jersey.

Burger King Germany partners with Uber to increase customer loyalty

See how Burger King Germany is expanding their digital footprint with the help of Uber Eats and Uber Direct.

Alpaca Chicken grows its customer base with genuine service and quality food

See how Alpaca Chicken is leveraging an exclusive relationship with Uber Eats to deliver on the promise of genuine service and quality food.

Simply Fish delivers fresh food and flavors with Uber Eats

See how Simply Fish is leveraging an exclusive relationship with Uber Eats to grow awareness and build a loyal customer base in its first year of business.

Sansotei Ramen attracts new customers with Uber Eats

See how Sansotei Ramen’s Michael Zhang is attracting new customers and profitably driving incremental sales with the help of Uber Eats.

Salad House is expanding with Uber Eats and Uber Direct

See how this multi-location restaurant group is driving growth with a focus on customer loyalty and tech that makes their operation more efficient

Chisme Cantina is serving up better service with smarter tech

Owner Ray Shlimon shares how he’s streamlining operations to improve the customer experience

EB Games: Building customer loyalty with Uber Direct

See how this leading Australian retailer is growing video game and accessories sales with Uber Direct

Kibo Sushi: Driving growth and customer loyalty with delivery

See how Toronto-based Kibo Sushi works with Uber Eats to deliver delicious food to a growing customer base

ASDA: Making grocery shopping more convenient with Uber Eats

Learn how ASDA is partnering with Uber Eats to improve the speed and convenience of the delivery options they provide.

Hecho En Mexico: Supercharging growth with Uber Eats

By partnering with Uber Eats, this Melbourne-based Mexican restaurant is unlocking new ways to acquire customers through the platform.

Shake Shack: Creating brand magic through delivery

For Shake Shack, it wasn’t enough to simply list their stores on the Uber Eats app—they wanted to create an experience for customers that would allow their brand to shine.

AMPM Costa Rica takes convenience to a new level

How AMPM Costa Rica drives growth with innovation and technology.

Tender Greens and Tocaya: A fresh spin on traditional comfort food

See how Tender Greens and Tocaya are growing across channels with Uber Eats and Uber Direct.

El Jannah: Sharing their cult-status menu and customer experience with more people than ever before.

How Uber Eats is helping El Jannah expand to share their cult-status menu and customer experience with more people than ever before.

Spaghetteria: How Spaghetteria worked its way to Top Eats

With a background in restaurants, owner Stefano knew the importance of a product that would provide him with all the analytics and tools to run and grow his business.

Groupe Barroco: Expanding with delivery-focused digital hospitality

How Groupe Barroco achieved 80% growth with Uber Eats by expanding their reach beyond a traditional dining experience.

Pressed: Plant forward nutrition

How Pressed accelerated growth with a digital-first approach to distribution.

Meal Ticket Brands: Ghost kitchen delivery with Meal Ticket Brands

How Meal Ticket is expanding its virtual kitchen strategy to help other brands grow faster.

XS Espresso: How using Marketing Solutions are helping fire up business

How the Uber Eats App gives XS Espresso the flexibility to offer promotions at different times of the year and different hours of the day.

Manoosh: Delivering pizzas like a pro

Why Charlie considers the Uber Eats platform to be worthwhile in helping them expand their reach and increase their sales and order volumes.

Carrefour: Expanded home delivery options grow business

This popular grocer wanted to build out online delivery without affecting in-store operations. Uber Eats helped them do just that.

IGA Portside Wharf: Reaching new customers

This popular grocer wanted to build out online delivery without affecting in-store operations. Uber Eats helped them do just that.

CHIK’N: Why a perfectionist prefers to work with Uber Eats

Fans of Carl Clarke’s guilt-free fried chicken expect freshness. So he counts on the Uber Eats platform to help him deliver it.

Wokcano: How in-app promos attracted new customers

CEO Michael Kwan wanted to set his restaurant apart on the Uber Eats app. His simple marketing efforts were the secret sauce.

Coolhaus: Cool, quirky, and crafted for exceptional delivery

Natasha Case built the perfect ice cream sandwich. To find people to deliver the frozen goods intact, she partnered with Uber Eats.

Dun Huang: Traditional noodles, innovative delivery

These hand-pulled noodles took NYC by storm. Now insights from the Uber Eats platform are taking them to the next level.

Ha! Poke: From fresh tuna to fried chicken with a virtual restaurant

How do you operate a delivery-focused fried chicken concept in a kitchen set up for poke? Let Jamie Mitchell show you.

Etto: Using item-level data to boost their pasta business

For Stephane Meyer and Dave Ansett, data and tools from the Uber Eats platform made it easy to see their top sellers and respond to demand.

Poppy + Rose: SoCal comfort food, now in more places

As local demand turned into a citywide craving, Diana Yin partnered with Uber Eats to spread her restaurant’s delivery footprint.

Bagels by Krispy Kreme: Selling more breakfast with virtual restaurants

Australians weren’t big on doughnuts for breakfast, and bagels were still a new concept. Here’s how Krispy Kreme seized the opportunity.

Saigon Summer: Getting 30% of sales from customers on the Uber Eats app

People in Sydney were having trouble finding parking at this popular Vietnamese spot. Everything changed with Uber Eats.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Going beyond the blender to grow sales

By partnering with Uber Eats, one Tropical Smoothie franchisee unlocked incremental sales way beyond smoothies.

The Yiros Shop: Greek family tradition, delivered in Brisbane

With delicious food that travels well, this Australian shop saw one-third of a location’s sales come from Uber Eats customers alone.

Bird on a Wire: How weekend delivery is helping sales soar

This New Zealand spot joined the Uber Eats platform in 2018. Since then, they’ve hired weekend staff for the influx of new orders.

Miss Chow’s: Delicious dumplings in Perth, freshly delivered

Authentic Asian food in Australia is big business for Jacquie Chan. Since 2015, Uber Eats has been a true growth partner.

Bok a Bok: Driving more sales and getting noticed with ads

Owner Alex Prindle relies on Uber Eats Manager marketing solutions to help connect new customers with tasty Korean fried chicken.

Zappo: Pizza delivery is driving dine-in customers in France

Customers using the Uber Eats app in Lyon, France, started seeking pizza in person, too. Here’s how it happened.

Halal Bros Grill: Standing out from the crowd with Uber Eats

Owner Merwais Popal relies on Uber Eats to connect him with customers looking for a healthy, tasty meal while on the go or at home.

Pugsley Pizza: Sending slices of Bronx history all over the city

Once one of the Bronx’s best-kept secrets, this family-run pizzeria now partners with Uber Eats to reach even more dining rooms.

Carolina Ale House: Driving new and repeat business

With delivery more important than ever during the pandemic, Uber Eats helped them scale up quickly and find new customers.

Lions & Tigers & Squares: Delivering Detroit-style pizza in NYC

Artichoke Basille co-founder Francis Garcia sweats every detail of his new pizza place except its delivery, thanks to the Uber Eats platform.

Tops Diner: Maximizes reach with Uber Eats Marketplace and Webshop

Learn how Tops Diner meets customers where they are by seamlessly offering customers multiple online ordering and delivery options

Jack's Urban Eats: Embracing change, while keeping what works

How modernizing their POS helped Jacks Urban Eats add delivery to better serve customers

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