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Days 2-4: Check your menu

If you received a text and/or email titled “Your menu is ready for review,” continue reading below. Click below for detailed guides on how to use Menu Maker.

Review your menu on Menu Maker

Start making adjustments with Menu Maker in Uber Eats Manager. If you have POS integration with Uber Eats, then click here to learn more.

Step 1

Log in to Uber Eats Manager (using the login credentials sent in the “Welcome to Uber Eats” email) and click on the Menu tab.

Step 2

Review and make any adjustments you’d like to your menu, hours, or prices. See the videos and links below for step-by-step instructions.

Step 3

If you have multiple locations or need significant menu changes, we recommend reaching out to Support here or by calling or texting 833-275-3287 (833-ASK-EATS).

Resources to edit your existing menu

The following videos can help you make changes to your menu on Menu Maker.

  • How to add or update items

    Freshen up your menu by adding new items, categories, descriptions, and photos.

  • How to reorder categories and items

    Choose the order in which categories and menu items display.

  • How to create modifier groups

    Customize your menu options by adding modifier groups.

  • How to nest modifier groups

    Allow customers to select multiple options for menu items by nesting modifier groups.

  • How to set modifier quantities

    Set the maximum number of modifier options a customer can select.

  • How to set item prices

    Update prices for items that can be customized based on size, protein type, or other attributes.

  • How to set conditional modifier pricing

    Set various price points for price-dependent items with modifier group settings.


Resources to edit your hours

Watch the videos below to learn how to change, add, and update your hours on Menu Maker. You can also use the Holiday Hours tool in Uber Eats Manager for closures on specific days.

  • How to change operating hours

    If you have more than one menu, choose which days and times they are available.

  • How to add or update item-level hours

    You can set custom hours for specific items or specials on your menu.


Have any questions or need help?

Choose from the options below to get help with your account and orders.

Help Center

Search your issue on our Help Center’s FAQ page.

Call or text

For restaurant owners, contact Uber Eats Support. If you call, press 1 for Restaurants, then press 2 if you haven’t completed an order yet. You can also click below to reach out.

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