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Guidance for growing your way

From driving demand to simplifying operations, there’s a lot to balance when it comes to your business. Here’s a roundup of tools and insights to help you stay ahead in a changing world.

Best practices

Strategies for building, selling, and marketing your business your way.

What is a courier service?

By working with a courier service, businesses can meet growing demand for fast delivery. Learn more about courier services, how they compare to more traditional carriers, and ways to evaluate if they might be a good fit for your business.

5 Best data visualization tools for small businesses

Learn more about 5 data visualization tools that are designed to help small businesses identify key trends, optimize strategies, and achieve better results.

Types of restaurants: a guide to restaurant models and concepts

For entrepreneurs, this is an exciting time to open or expand a restaurant. As you build your business, explore popular restaurant concepts and models to choose from, along with considerations to ensure they run smoothly.

How to measure customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the foundation of any successful business. Learn how different metrics and methods can help you measure—and improve upon—customer satisfaction.

What is data visualization? 8 essential types for businesses

Data is the key to smarter business decisions. Explore how different types of data visualization can help you process large amounts of information, spot trends, and improve your overall performance.

How to get more reviews for your business

Online customer reviews are one of the most powerful ways to build brand awareness and earn customer trust. Learn how to ask for, manage, and get more reviews across channels.

6 tips for managing omnichannel grocery inventory

Now that many consumers prefer to buy groceries online, retailers need to take an omnichannel approach to inventory management. Explore 6 strategies for managing this process effectively.

6 strategies for effectively engaging with customers

Effective customer engagement goes beyond the transaction of a sale. Explore ways to build rapport and interact more meaningfully with your customers.

10 ways to promote and advertise your business

You don’t need an unlimited budget or dedicated team to promote your business effectively. These 10 tactics can help you reach more customers online and in your community without breaking the bank.


Merchant tips

Grow Together is a series where you can learn directly from industry peers. Inspire new ways to drive growth with creative tips and tricks from businesses like yours.

Hawaiian Bros: spreading aloha and growing with purpose

Hawaiian Bros is spreading the Aloha Spirit one plate lunch at a time. Explore how this national sensation scales with purpose, builds community, and drives growth through creative marketing opportunities on Uber Eats and beyond.

White Castle and Coca-Cola: raising the bar for online delivery menus

Learn how White Castle and Coca-Cola work together to satisfy customers’ cravings by building a food and beverage menu that shines in the digital space.

Alliance Hospitality Group: powering growth through partnership

Learn how Amber Jamal Eckerlund, Director of Marketing at Alliance Hospitality Group, works hand in hand with her dedicated Uber Eats account manager to build standout digital storefronts.

Brasa Peruvian Kitchen: where delivery drivers are treated like family

At Brasa Peruvian Kitchen, it’s all about the people. Read why Founder and CEO Michel Falcon is building a partner-centric culture that empowers delivery drivers.

Product updates

Built Your Way is a series to highlight new products from Uber Eats, designed with your needs and feedback in mind.

Built Your Way: Product enhancements for every type of business

As your business needs evolve, it's important you have products that support your journey. Explore updates we've made to the platform to help you drive demand, build relationships, and streamline operations.

Built Your Way: Products that take your business further

Our new series, Built Your Way, highlights the latest product features from Uber Eats that have been designed based on your needs and feedback.

Built Your Way: Creating a grocery experience to take your business further

The grocery delivery experience on Uber Eats is built with your business in mind. Explore products to expand your reach, fulfill orders with ease, and grow on your terms.

Built Your Way: Time-saving tools to streamline the holidays

We know the holidays can be busy for your business. Explore ways to save time and streamline your operations during crunch time with Uber Eats.

Reports and more

Explore free resources and tools to help you manage and grow your business more effectively.

The new brand builder: on-demand delivery as a core business driver

Explore a survey detailing how offering on-demand delivery can help businesses of all sizes grow customer trust, build brand loyalty, and drive growth.

2022 Merchant Impact Report

Learn how small and medium-sized businesses are partnering with Uber to grow sales, stay connected to customers, and make an impact in local communities.

Grow your way. We’re just here to help.

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