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Lesson 3: Accepting orders

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to manage all your Uber Eats orders from one easy place.

This lesson walks you through how to use the Orders app, so it may be most helpful to you if you work front of house.

If you’d rather integrate Uber Eats into your current POS system, click here to learn more.

Intro: The Orders app

All orders come through here. Watch a two-minute video to learn about the Orders app.

Part 1: Choose your device

We work with what works for you. See how to easily accept orders as they come in.

Part 2: Setting up the Orders app

Set your team up for success. Keep these 5 things in mind before orders start coming in.

Part 3: Managing orders

A new order just came in. Now what? Learn step-by-step how to complete an order.

Part 4: Modifying orders

Tools for managing anything that comes. Get tips that make modifying orders a breeze.

Intro: The Orders app

See how the Orders app can help you manage every part of an order from one single place.

Two-minute watch

Part 1: Choose your device

Keep your staff and customers happy while orders come in. Whether you use the Orders app or integrate Uber Eats into your current POS setup, you’ve got the tools to make managing orders easy.

The Orders app is made to work for you

Streamline every step of an order from start to handoff.

Perks of the Orders app

  • Manage orders from one single place
  • Accept orders, update offerings, and track delivery
  • Get instantly notified when new orders come in

Easily accept orders from any device


We’ll send you a tablet designed specifically for the Orders app. Or you can use your own tablet and download the iOS or Android app.


Log onto


Download the Uber Eats Orders app for iOS or Android, then use it from any phone.

Part 2: Setting up the Orders app

Before the afternoon crowd or evening rush come online, set your team up for success. You can do a few simple tasks now to help make things run smoothly later.

5 things to do before orders start coming in

Charge your device and have the Orders app open

If the app is minimized or in the background, you won’t receive orders.

Make sure you’re online

If you’re using the Uber Eats tablet, tap Settings to connect to wifi. If you’re using another device, double-check that you’re connected.

Turn up the volume

Ensure that you and your staff can hear every order that comes in.

Prepare for fulfillment

To set up a printer, tap the navigation icon within the Orders app, then tap Settings and Receipt printing.

Confirm you’re open

The top left corner of your Orders app will be green when you’re open and accepting orders, and gray when you’re closed.

Setting up may take some time

If you get a message saying “You’re almost ready to go!” it means your menu is still being built. Check back in 24 hours; if you’re still not online, call or text 833-275-3287 (US only) or email for support.

Part 3: Managing orders

Easily integrate Uber Eats into your store’s routine. When orders come in, you’ll get instantly notified and can choose whether to accept or modify it.

You’ve accepted an order. Now what?

  • View

    When your Orders app is open, a sound and a flashing green light alerts you to every new order. Tap anywhere on the screen to accept and then view it.

  • Review and confirm

    Check to see what’s included, whether it’s for pickup or delivery, and if there are any modifications. Tapping Confirm moves the order to “In progress” and notifies your customer.

  • Print

    If your printer is set up, tap the print icon on the bottom left of the screen to print a receipt with order details, then pass it along to your staff. If you need a printer, you can order one here.

  • Prepare

    While your staff is preparing the order, double-check the details. Make sure all items are there and any customizations or allergies are accounted for. Tap Ready for pickup to alert the delivery person and your customer that the order’s ready.

  • Handoff

    Check the top left corner of your screen to see whether a delivery person is on their way, if your team’s fulfilling the order (Self-delivery), or if the customer’s picking up or dining in. Then double check the order to make sure all items are included.


Printers we’re compatible with

  • Star Micronics: SM-L200, SM-T300, TSP100, TSP143, TSP143 (Ethernet), TSP650, and TSP654
  • Epson: TM-m10, TM-m30, and TM-m30II

Part 4: Modifying orders

Having a busy night, an unexpected rush, or surprise wifi issues? The Orders app gives you the tools and flexibility to modify or delay orders, contact customers, and more.

5 ways to handle anything that comes

  • Tap Busy Mode

    If your team gets hit with an unexpected rush, tap Busy Mode from the navigation menu to increase prep time and let customers know their order may take longer than usual.

  • Pause new orders

    Give your staff time to catch up by tapping Pause new orders in the navigation menu, which stops new orders from coming in. You can turn this off as soon as your team’s caught up.

  • Alert customers

    If you sell out or have a shortage, tap Manage Order in the navigation menu to delay, cancel, or modify. As a last resort, you can consider contacting your customers.

  • Change your layout

    By default, orders are organized by their status in different tabs: New, In Progress, and Ready for pickup. If you’d rather see all of your orders at once, choose to change the layout from the navigation menu.

  • Troubleshoot

    Connectivity issues are common and can usually be resolved fairly quickly. Check out chapter 6 in the Orders Guide to see more or contact our team at 833-275-3287 (833-ASK-EATS) or by email at


The takeaway

Download your go-to cheat sheet for managing orders from start to handoff in the Orders app.

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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