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Lesson 10: Managing order errors

In this lesson, you’ll learn ways to improve order accuracy and learn how we aim to make it right, even if the order isn’t, and help protect your business from fraud.

In this lesson you’ll learn simple tips and tricks to help improve order accuracy and reduce customer refunds

Part 1: Improving order accuracy

See best practices on how to minimize order errors.

Part 2: Adjusting for order errors

Learn what to do when an order has an error.

Part 3: Calculating and monitoring adjustments

Learn how to make adjustments or refunds as needed.

Part 4: Protecting against fraud

Learn about all the ways we keep your business or restaurant protected and the process we have in place to monitor fraudulent behavior.

Part 1: Minimizing order errors

Learn the steps you can take now to help minimize order errors in the future.

A few easy ways to improve order accuracy and avoid customer refunds

  • Keep your menu up to date

    Log into your Uber Eats Manager portal to make sure your menu is up to date with the correct items, descriptions and prices.

  • Keep your item availability up to date

    When you run out of something, make sure that you mark it as out of stock so you don’t leave customers feeling disappointed. You can do this in your Uber Eats Orders app, under Item Availability.

  • Organize your packing area

    Make it easier for your staff to pack and hand off orders. Consider where you place drinks, condiments and utensils as these are often missed because they’re usually the last things to be added.

  • Print out all receipts

    Before you send an order out, check off items on a printed receipt to confirm that the contents of the order is correct.

  • Use the time-management tools

    You can use the time-management tools in your Uber Eats Orders app to help manage incoming orders. To keep up, consider enabling Busy Mode or delaying individual orders in your Uber Eats Orders app.

  • Secure orders for delivery

    Seal each order bag with stickers or staples to keep items safe and secure during delivery.

  • Write down order numbers

    Write the 5-digit order number on the bag for easy identification.

  • Number the bags

    If there are multiple bags in a single order, number the bags (‘1 of 2’, and then ‘2 of 2’, etc).

  • Double-check at handoff

    Take a final look to see that every bag gets picked up by the correct delivery person.


Part 2: Adjusting for order errors

Learn why and when a refund might be given, and whose responsibility it may be.

Find out when possible partner charges or customer refunds are given

  • Missing items

    This happens when customers don’t receive an item, or part of an item, that was ordered.

  • Incorrect items

    When a customer receives an item, or part of an item, that was not ordered.

  • Incorrect orders

    If a customer receives a delivery that’s not what they ordered (unless the delivery person had multiple orders, delivered in less than half the expected time, or delivered far from drop-off).

  • Undelivered orders

    If a customer didn’t receive their order (only when using your own delivery staff).


Part 3: Calculating and monitoring adjustments

Order error adjustments include the cost of food sales (including tax/VAT) at the time of order. They do not include other fees that may be refunded to the customer. To make it easy for you and your team to stay up to date on this information, we include order error adjustment details in multiple places.

Stay up-to-date and in-the-know

Please note: a customer might not report the order error in the same week the order was fulfilled. In those cases, adjustments may be reflected in subsequent weeks’ reports.

  • Order error adjustment calculations

    The amount adjusted on your payout will range from a portion up to the full cost for the item(s) with errors at the time of the order, including tax/VAT. For partially missing or incorrect items – often related to combo meal items that have an entree and side or drink included – the à la carte cost of the missing or incorrect portion of the item will be adjusted from your pay. Please note: we retain the full Uber Service Fee for the entire order.

  • Fees your business will not be charged for

    You will not be responsible for any delivery fees or bag fees charged to the customer.


Part 4: Protecting against fraud

We take fraudulent behavior seriously and have filters in place to monitor both customer and delivery person behavior—we will not make adjustments on suspicious refunds.

Get protection before anything bad happens

To keep things safe we have filters in place to monitor both customer and delivery person behavior—we will not make adjustments on suspicious refunds.

  • Excessive refund request rates

    We track customer refund history and block customers who abuse our refund policy – which varies from region to region – from submitting these claims.

  • Photo evidence required

    We require photos to be submitted in many cases as evidence before making a refund decision.

  • Escalation circumstances

    We escalate cases to a trained team for investigation and review before making refund decisions for requests that are not filed in a reasonable time frame, on orders of high-value, orders with alcohol items, or orders from first-time customers.


Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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