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Lesson 9: Tips on delivery

In this lesson, you'll learn how you can efficiently manage handovers with delivery people for a smooth and positive delivery experience.

This lesson will give you some tips and tricks for creating a smooth handoff experience with delivery people.

Part 1: Letting delivery people know where to go

Learn how to update your pickup instructions to help delivery people locate your store.

Part 2: Setting a designated pickup area

Designate an area where delivery people can wait and collect orders.

Part 3: Planning ahead for busy periods

Ensure you have the proper tools in place to minimize the time delivery people are waiting at your restaurant.

Part 4: Preparing and sealing orders for delivery

Learn the simple steps you can take to keep your orders secure for delivery.

Part 5: Having your say

First-class dishes deserve first-class handling. Provide your feedback to help improve experiences for your customers.

Part 1: Letting delivery people know where to go

Ensure that delivery people know where to collect orders from your restaurant by adding clear pickup instructions in Uber Eats Orders.

Updating your pickup instructions

To add a comment that lets delivery people know about pickup locations, tap ☰ in the upper left corner in Uber Eats Orders. After that, tap Settings, then Business information.

If you’re located on the street, clear instructions can be written like this: “We’re located at ___, near ___. It’s best to park ___.”

If you’re located in a shopping center, clear instructions can be written like this: “We’re located in___ shopping center. Enter through the ___ entrance. It’s best to park on ___.” Make sure to include the store and level/floor number, and possibly some stores nearby.

Part 2: Setting up a designated pick up area

Small operational changes can have a big impact on your business. Find out how to create an easy pickup area that makes order handoff seamless.

Making space

Creating a designated area for delivery people to wait lets them know exactly where to go when they arrive to pickup an order.

  • Make space for a pick up counter

    Clear a counter area to place orders when they are ready. This will make it easier for delivery people to collect orders in the handover experience.

  • Designate a waiting area

    Signs instantly let drivers know where to go. Place a sign on your restaurant’s door or counter that clues them in on where to wait.

  • Allocate staff for dine-in and delivery

    Keep things moving by assigning staff to service in-store or Uber Eats orders.

  • Communicate updates

    Make sure to keep delivery people in the loop, especially if the order is delayed. If they have to wait, you can always offer some water and a place to sit out of courtesy.


Part 3: Planning ahead for busy periods

Using the Uber Eats Orders time-management tools is a perfect way to meet the demands of both in-store and Uber Eats Orders. We’ve outlined a process below that can help.

Preparing for a delivery person’s arrival

  • Once you accept an order, the system will start to match the order with a delivery person and display Searching.
  • If you finish preparing an order early, click Ready for Pickup to let the delivery person know that you are ready.
  • After the match is successful, the name, icon, and status of the delivery person will be displayed on the order screen.
  • When the delivery person arrives, the tablet will play a prompt sound.
  • Double check the order number to make sure you hand off the correct order.
  • Once the delivery person has picked up the order, it will be moved to the order record and the status will be shown as “Picked up.”

Part 4: Preparing and sealing orders for delivery

Learn a few simple tricks to help delivery orders arrive exactly as you prepared them.

6 tips ensuring orders arrive as you intended

Number the bags

Check on drinks and sides

Watch out for large orders

Seal liquids and order bags

Keep your item availability up to date

Keep your customer informed

Happy customers means happy ratings. For you and for delivery people.

Why wait times matter

The longer a delivery person waits to pick-up an order, the longer the customer has to wait. Click here to get a rundown about wait times, why they’re important, and how you can reduce them.

Part 5: Having your say

We want the customer experience to be a positive one. Find out how you can contribute to maintaining secure and timely delivery.

Just as customers can offer feedback on orders, you can offer feedback on delivery people. Here’s how:

  • After handoff, the order will be displayed as “Picked Up.”
  • Using Uber Eats Orders, you can provide feedback to the delivery person about pickup with a simple Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.
  • If further support is needed, include any relevant info like order numbers, and contact our team at

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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