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Offer same-day alcohol delivery

Reach more customers, stay on top of ordering trends, and seamlessly run your liquor delivery business.

Take your liquor store to the next level

Get more eyes on your liquor store

Reach new customers who are looking for alcohol delivery or pickup in your local area.

Fill more glasses

Increase your visibility and drive repeat business with marketing tools and loyalty programs.

Expand your liquor store your way

Seamlessly accept more online orders without interrupting the workflow at your store.

Grow your business your way with flexibility and choice

Discover all the ways you can work with us to take your grocery business to the next level


Gain exposure on the Uber Eats app and use the platform to handle all aspects of delivery, with options for self-delivery and pickup.

Uber Direct

Meet your customers’ needs for express, same-day, or next-day delivery from your website or app and control the entire transactional experience under your own branding.

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