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Store Catalog photography guidelines

Discover how to create captivating, high-quality images that seamlessly showcase your offerings on the platform. With thousands of potential customers browsing Uber Eats for shopping options in your area, it's crucial to ensure your photos highlight the best features of your products.

Recommendations for photographing your items

Note: Uploaded photos are sent to our support team for approval (based on the Uber Eats quality standards). This process may take 2 to 3 days.

Capture clean pictures

Ensure the photo features a clean white background and focuses on a centered and single item, unless it is a pack, preventing confusion and allowing customers to clearly see the product being offered

Use high-quality images

Ensure your photos are clear, sharp, and well-composed. Use a high-resolution camera or smartphone to capture professional-looking images that will grab customers' attention.Make sure the images are between 320 and 6000 pixels on either side. Additionally, the allowed formats are: jpg, png, gif or webp with a maximum size of 10 MB each file.

Capture freshness

For perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and baked goods, emphasize their freshness and quality. Avoid capturing products that appear wilted, bruised, or past their prime. Aim for natural light in order to highlight the colors and prevent artificial shadows.

Choose a representative image

Opt for a photo that authentically represents the item without any added advertising or branding. This approach helps customers focus solely on the product itself, fostering trust and transparency in your grocery store's catalog.

Edit wisely

After taking photos, use editing tools sparingly to enhance colors, brightness, and contrast. Avoid over-editing, which can make your photos look artificial or unrealistic.

Update regularly

Keep your photo gallery fresh and up-to-date by periodically replacing older images with new ones. This shows customers that your store is active and continually evolving.

Examples of excellent photos

  • A great frontal shot

    The single can appears flawless with its unique branding and refreshing looks. Its dark color stands out vividly against the white background, immediately drawing the customer's attention. The close-up view enables clear visibility of all the specific details of this soft drink, including its 350ml size and sugar-free formulation.

  • Showcase unit count

    This image adds significant value to the customer by prominently featuring an essential label indicating the unit count, thereby ensuring precision in selection. For packed items such as this egg carton, the inclusion of such graphic resources not only enhances visual appeal but also facilitates efficient decision-making for consumers, ultimately leading to a more satisfying shopping experience and a stronger merchant operation by reducing mistakes from clients.

  • Create a clean, well-lit backdrop

    This shot highlights the three-pack milk without distractions. Uses soft and diffused lighting to ensure even illumination and avoid harsh shadows. The angles and perspectives to showcase the product clearly, ensuring the text and graphics on the packaging are legible. Make sure attributes such as flavor and size are the main within the frame of the shot.

  • Capture the freshness and crispness

    Choose a vibrant and crisp head with intense green leaves. Look for a bright and airy setting with soft lighting to accentuate its texture. The editing has to be minimal to maintain authenticity.The goal is to create an inviting image that showcases the veggie or fruit freshness.


Other important things to consider

Prioritize clarity and happiness

Ambient pictures can be highly aesthetic and undoubtedly eye-catching, making them ideal for landings or front pages. However, when it comes to catalog photos, we must prioritize clarity and precision to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our customers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that only the item being sold is in the frame, centered and with a clean background.

Avoid bad resolution or blurry images

Clear photos are essential for maintaining a positive brand image, enhancing the shopping experience for the customer, and ultimately driving your store sales. By prioritizing clear, high-quality images, your business can effectively showcase its products and inspire confidence in potential customers.

Let the product speak for itself

By refraining from including advertising or marketing text within the product photos, you will ensure that the customers can focus solely on the item they're interested in. Eliminating additional text as adjectives or marketing quotes from product photos, will enhance the visual appeal and professionalism of your catalog.

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