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Burger King Germany partners with Uber to increase customer loyalty

October 23, 2023 | Germany

Burger King is a global brand committed to providing customers around the world with delicious fresh food as conveniently as possible. The brand’s reputation for fast service is nothing new. But, consumer expectations around speed and convenience have shifted in recent years. Now, it’s not just about how fast the food comes out at the store; customers also want speedy delivery options. We spoke with Melina Rönpagel, Senior Manager of Digital at Burger King Germany, to learn how the company works with Uber to bring their digital vision to life.

Delivery as a game-changer

Take-out isn’t a new offering for the brand. Burger King has offered pick-up and delivery in Germany at many locations since 2016. But making delivery available to all customers from every store location across the country has been a harder goal to achieve. The company is now partnering with both Uber Eats and Uber Direct to expand their delivery capabilities.

By the numbers


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increase in delivery capacity

Online orders drive rapid growth

During the pandemic, customer interest in pick-up and delivery grew tremendously. Customers in Germany were placing more Burger King orders online via the brand’s native app and on third-party apps like Uber Eats. According to Uber Eats data, burgers are the most popular delivery option in Germany, surpassing all other foods—including pizza.

Expanding delivery capacity with Uber Direct

To keep pace with the growing demand for delivery on their own native app, a number of individual Burger King stores in Germany hired delivery drivers on staff. While this option for delivery was popular with customers, hiring delivery people for all 750 stores across Germany has been extremely difficult, and the costs of managing in-house delivery are prohibitive. To ensure they have the delivery capacity to keep pace with customer demand, Burger King Germany decided to get additional expertise. Given their success with Uber Eats, Burger King Germany felt comfortable choosing Uber Direct as a white-label solution to service delivery requests for orders from the Burger King Germany app. The partnership is off to an excellent start with more than 30 locations activated.

Home deliveries make happy customers

Customers want to be able to order their burgers online, and they want their food brought to their door while it's still hot and fresh. “Burger King is happy to reach customers wherever they are looking to place an online order -- whether that’s on Burger King’s native app or a third-party app like Uber Eats.”

Burger King has been investing heavily in their digital sales channels to help provide a better experience to customers. ”Home delivery is really important for us as a brand because we believe everything is moving in the direction of digital sales channels,” says Rönpagel. “Whether it's home delivery, mobile ordering, or pick up—all these digital sales channels are growing and important for Burger King as a brand. We’re reaching more people because we offer more relevant sales channels to them.”

Better delivery experiences and higher profits with Uber Direct

Making delivery available to all customers who want it is a top priority for Burger King in Germany. Ensuring delivery is cost-effective is equally important. “Delivery with Uber Direct is more profitable because we don't have to pay for our own delivery infrastructure,” says Rönpagel. Given this, we are working with Uber to rapidly expand our relationship so that, eventually we will be able to service all 750 locations with Uber.

“With Uber Direct, our orders go out quickly. The delivery time is really good due to Uber’s third-party logistics. As a result, customer satisfaction is high.”

Melina Rönpagel, Senior Manager of Digital at Burger King, Germany

Personalization drives loyalty

Burger King Germany has big plans to increase the digital options available to customers. In the future, they foresee most orders being placed at Burger King in Germany to come through their expanding digital platform. “We aim to be one of the most digital brands here in Germany, when it comes to food,” Rönpagel shared.

This vision is squarely focused on increasing the convenience factor for customers and gives the company more opportunities for personalization. When more orders are placed through the app or website, it’s easier to respond to what customers do and don’t like, allowing Burger King Germany to tailor menus, promotions, and offers according to each customer’s preferences.

Making delivery a standard offering at every Burger King in Germany across all shifts fits neatly into these long-term plans. The partnership with Uber Eats and Uber Direct is a crucial ingredient in realizing this digital-first, customer-focused vision of the future.