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Wokcano: in Los Angeles, attracting customers with their own in-app promos

Michael Kwan had a feeling he’d see a boost in sales if he could just set his place apart as restaurant partner on the Uber Eats platform. He tested in-app marketing for a week and realised he was right - over and over again.

Off in-app promo offered to customers for 3 weeks

Total promotion redemptions in the Uber Eats app

Locations across LA

Getting the most out of his Uber Eats partnership

Wokcano is well-known among Los Angeles foodies with a taste for traditional Japanese or Asian-fusion cuisine. Both are on the menu. Both are delicious. And that translates to a packed house of diners. But CEO& owner Michael Kwan isn’t one to rest on his laurels.

Michael’s central location was already performing well as a restaurant partner with Uber Eats. But he wanted to help the Wokcano brand stand out in the app and increase revenue even more. 'I looked at the marketing campaigns I could run for Wokcano on Uber Eats', he recalls. 'To me, the potential payoff made it worth a try.'

'After the first week, I knew immediately that in-app marketing would take our exposure to the next level in a super cost-effective way.'

Earning exposure, tracking success

Wokcano used in-app marketing to offer Uber Eats users ordering food $5 off orders of $20 or more. After a week, they saw an increase in order volume. So when the promotion expired, they chose to run it again - twice. After three weeks, Wokcano’s week-over-week order volume jumped 32%. And 358 new customers had a hand in that surge.

'I’m convinced it’s the best way to stand out on Uber Eats', says Michael. 'Creating a marketing campaign is easy. You get a few options to choose from, like $5 off, $3 off, depending on how much a customer spends. You can even track how it’s performing, which gives a real-time feel for your marketing efforts. That’s a game changer.'