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Offer on-demand delivery. No hidden charges.

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Benefits of Uber Direct

Uber Direct is our white-label delivery solution that lets you offer on-demand delivery on your website or app. Use it to help delight your customers and build brand loyalty.

Fast and reliable

Get your customers what they want. At the tap of a button your customers can select express or same-day delivery. Delivered with Uber in minutes.

Seamless workflow

Place orders via the API or via the Uber Direct dashboard, or integrate through one of our channel partners. The Uber Direct API makes it easy to integrate with your existing order management system.

Tailored fees, no commissions

No commissions or hidden charges. Manage your delivery options without incurring the cost of your own delivery fleet. Stay in control of your brand and manage your customer data.

"Uber Direct lets us offer a native experience that’s custom to our brand and provides a fast and reliable way to get our customers what they need."

Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, One Table Restaurant Brands

Choose the option that’s best for your business

Uber Direct dashboard.

Use the Uber Direct dashboard to create your account and start placing test trips. Fast and convenient onboarding flow. Start delivering immediately.

Uber Direct API.

The fast way to automate delivery requests when you have a high volume of orders. Seamlessly integrate directly with Uber, or through one of our preferred channel partners.

How it works

1. Customers order from you

Orders are placed on your website or app where you choose delivery options and set delivery fees.

2. You request delivery with Uber

Send delivery requests via the Uber Direct dashboard, via our API, or through your existing order management system.

3. Delight your customers

Keep customers in the know with confirmations and live delivery updates. Notifications can be customized to match your brand colors, graphics and animation.

More delivery options


Delivered in minutes. When speed is crucial for customer satisfaction. Give your business a competitive advantage.


When overnight isn’t soon enough. Align delivery options with the needs of your business operation.


Delivery planned up to 30 days in advance. Typically used for next-day delivery. Offer your consumers peace-of-mind with pre-planned delivery on their terms.

“With Uber you don’t have to build your own delivery network and platform, you don’t have to hire your own delivery teams. The Uber Direct platform provides everything.”

Sabrina Lantoine, Director of eCommerce Partnerships, Carrefour

Delight your customers

ETA and latest arrival

Provide customers with delivery estimates while their order is enroute, including live courier location. Share via Uber powered SMS tracking links, or leverage Uber’s data to share your own tracking link.

A smooth hand-off, every time

Give your customers a safe way to share specific hand-off instructions with their courier without sharing their phone numbers. Share via Uber powered SMS tracking links, or leverage Uber’s data to share your own tracking link.

Customer support

Ensure your customers can resolve delivery issues quickly with convenient access to Uber-managed customer support.

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