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Uber Eats + Clean Plates


Our mission at Uber Eats is to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. In our quest to accomplish this mission, we have the commitment to do the right thing, always. At Uber Eats, we believe that transparency and integrity are the key ingredients to build a truthful partnership for mutually sustainable success.

How do partnership negotiations work at Uber Eats?

The individual commercial conditions for each restaurant partner with Uber Eats follow criteria such as: the restaurant segment with respect to the potential volume of monthly order and number of stores; its cuisine and how it adds to Uber Eats' selection; stores location; brand relevance in the market, among others. Regardless of these criteria or the size of your business, our conduct values the making of a fair, mutually beneficial partnership.

We support your freedom of choice

In unforeseen situations, such as the pandemic of COVID-19, it became evident the importance of restaurants exercising the power of choice to operate with multiple delivery partners, with the possibility of maximizing their demand, thus reducing the impacts of in-person sales reduction resulting from lockdowns and / or measures of social distancing.

We do not impose exclusivity

Uber Eats does not impose on its commercial team any sales goal related to exclusive agreements with Restaurant partners; if this is the partner's will, specific mutually beneficial commercial conditions can be negotiated.

We respect the free market

Uber Eats supports the individual decision of Restaurant partners regarding which and how many Delivery platforms to use to generate demand. In the case of exclusivity agreements, Uber Eats advocates for a fair, mutually beneficial and respectful free market agreement.

Transparency and Flexibility

Uber Eats does not impose disproportionate contractual penalties on Restaurant partners for early termination. Our exit clauses are flexible, negotiable, and potential consequences are aligned to the contract business logic, usually associated to investments in the brand already made by Uber Eats up to date, and other factors previously agreed between the parties.

We respect the consumer's choice

This understanding also aims to safeguard the consumer's right to choose and enjoy the benefits of Delivery where it better suits them, in addition to encouraging platforms to maintain the quality of their services at competitive levels, and with economically balanced commercial conditions.

Open dialogue at all times

The duration of Uber Eats' contracts with Restaurant partners can and should be discussed during commercial and contractual negotiations, aligned with the interests of both parties.

Delivery is only the beginning

You prepare the order. We help you grow. Your success is important for us, regardless of the size or type of your business.

How does Partnership Management work?

Our purpose in managing the commercial relationship, is to strengthen the partnership with each restaurant, generating mutually sustainable opportunities.

We respect your business decision

Uber Eats does not, under any circumstances, retaliate against Restaurant partners for operating on other platforms, such as manually intervening in the restaurant visibility on the platform or any other tactic that may reduce the potential to capture orders. As long as observing the contractual conditions in place with Uber Eats, the partner is free to look for conditions that best suit their business at a given time.

The same features, available for everyone

All functionalities and products offered on the Uber Eats platform, such as Offers configuration, Advertising, Reports and Restaurant Manager features, among others, are available for use by all Restaurant partners, given that those products are fully available in the Brazilian market, regardless the type of commercial conditions with the restaurant.

We are here to support your growth

Uber Eats provides training and specialized content to all Restaurant partners, via Webinars, or through digital resources, so they are fully able to operate the platform on its full potential and according to their needs.

We do not privilege the allocation of courier partners

The allocation of delivery couriers to restaurants on the platform is performed independently of any negotiations carried out with such establishments. The Uber Eats platform may eventually apply incentives to couriers, to balance the supply and demand of the marketplace in a given location, however such action is never applied on restaurant level.

Visibility through ranking based on algorithms

Except for paid advertising spaces, Uber Eats does not favor exclusive partners, nor does it disadvantage partners with regard to their visibility in the app, which is based exclusively on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, according to business rules defined by Uber Eats.

Our commitment is to do the right thing, always

Uber Eats' mission is to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. In the pursuit of this mission, we are committed to doing the right thing, always. In this sense, Uber Eats expects this same commitment from its business partners, complying with the laws and rules applicable to its activities.

  • Uber Eats strictly prohibits the receipt, offer or payment of bribes, kickbacks, facilitation payments or the exchange of anything of value (directly or indirectly) intended to advance Uber Eats' business interests or provide undue or improper advantages for Uber Eats or the Restaurant partner.

  • Uber Eats relies on our books and records to report our financial results, make required legal filings, and make business decisions. As our partners, we count on Restaurants to keep and maintain accurate books and records of all business dealings with and for Uber Eats in accordance with applicable standard accounting practices.

  • We expect our partners to act honestly and with integrity. It is forbidden to seek to obtain any kind of advantage by acting fraudulently, deceiving people or making false claims, or allowing anyone else to act in this way, as described in the Terms and Conditions that our Restaurant partners sign to use the platform.

  • Uber Eats and Restaurant partners must avoid all conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflicts of interest. Partners are expected to promptly disclose to their Uber Eats commercial representative actual or potential conflict of interest related to their business activities as an Uber Eats partner. Some examples of situations that can generate conflicts of interest include:

    • Hiring or making an offer job offer of employment to an Uber Eats employee or their family member
    • Have, directly or indirectly, any relationship with an employee of Uber Eats or a family member of that employee (for example, ownership
    • Providing (or receiving) any form of compensation, fees fees or commissions to (or from) Uber Eats employees or anyone acting on behalf of Uber Eats
    • Any other activity that may adversely affect Uber Eats, business or reputation
  • Money laundering in any form is prohibited. Money laundering includes disguising or hiding the nature, location, origin, ownership or control of money obtained illegally or turning it into legitimate funds.

  • Uber Eats is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, inclusion and respect. We do not tolerate discrimination based on: race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy (including childbirth), lactation or related medical conditions, age (40 years or more), national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, marital status, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, military service status, genetic information or any other status protected by law; nor do we tolerate harassment in any form against anyone. Uber Eats is committed to compliance with human rights laws. We do not use or condone the use of child or involuntary labor or human trafficking and we denounce any degrading treatment of individuals or unsafe working conditions. We expect the same commitments from our partners, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that the Restaurant partner signs to use the platform.

Reporting concerns

We expect our Restaurant partners to promptly report to Uber Eats all violations or suspected violations of this Commercial Positioning. This includes reporting information about the potential misconduct of an Uber Eats employee or anyone acting on behalf of Uber Eats. The report can be made anonymously. Restaurant partners can contact Uber Eats commercial representative or the Integrity Hotline to report known or suspected misconduct or to raise an ethical concern.

This channel should be used for ethical issues in the internal environment of Uber Eats and should not be used for operational issues of the platform, or issues of day-to-day business relationship. If you have operational issues to deal with, count on our support channels: Send to an e-mail to or call 0800-0068056

Uber Eats takes compliance with this commercial positioning very seriously and reserves the right to assess and monitor our Restaurant partners compliance with this commercial positioning. Violations of this and the Terms and Conditions by the partners will result in a review of our business relationship, and may even culminate in its interruption in accordance with our contractual rights and applicable law.

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