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From quiet cafe to bustling virtual restaurant in Brooklyn

To give their Caribbean cafe a boost, Ricky and Denise Scott decided to launch a virtual restaurant through their partnership with the Uber Eats platform. The new, burger-focused concept was such a hit, they rebuilt their original business around it.

Brooklyn’s Gerizim Burger Factory

Buzzing location in Brooklyn, NY

Unique, new customers reached since launch of virtual restaurant

More gross bookings than original restaurant in 1st month as Uber Eats restaurant partner

Data helps discover burger demand

Ricky and Denise Scott were unhappy with the overall sales of their business, Gerizim Cafe & Ice Cream. Since they were already a restaurant partner at the time, the Uber Eats team got in touch with them to share a new virtual restaurant opportunity.

“The Uber Eats data showed us that users in the area were already searching for burgers – a lot. It was an opportunity to kickstart our business, so we focused on building out our burger selection,” Ricky explains. He launched a virtual restaurant, Gerizim Burger Factory. And it took off immediately.

“Burger Factory let us experiment and find a niche – a real audience. We’ve been able to reach so many more customers.”

Virtual restaurant sparks a rebrand

Ricky and Denise’s virtual restaurant drove more incremental sales through the Uber Eats platform than their original cafe. “I’d say we’re doing significantly more business,” Ricky said. “It’s getting customers into the restaurant, too.”

That’s led to a few changes, like a bigger grill to keep up with demand and an optimized kitchen space. Ricky and Denise even rebranded their original brick and mortar cafe ‘Gerizim Burger Factory’.

They’re also opening another Burger Factory in Queens, made possible by the testing and success of the virtual restaurant.

“The virtual restaurant let me get creative with the Carribean flavors at the heart of my menu,” he says. “We had the ingredients and expertise. Uber Eats just nudged us in the right direction.”

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