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Get to where you want to grow with Uber Eats for restaurants, grocery, convenience, and more

Attract new customers

  • Reach people in your local area across Uber’s rides and delivery network
  • Spotlight your business and grow sales with ads and promotions

Turn customers into regulars

Run your business on your terms

  • Easily integrate your existing POS system with our software
  • Dig into your data anytime to monitor your performance and customer order trends

Uber Eats helped Pressed increase their average order value by 60%

Partnering with Uber Eats enabled Pressed to grow their delivery and online orders from 30 locations to more than 100 in months.

Choose the service that’s right for you

No 2 businesses are alike—and we want our partnership options to reflect that. You can partner with Uber Eats to reach customers and generate sales by using one or a combination of approaches.


Get discovered on the Uber Eats app

Reach customers on Uber Eats and use Uber’s delivery network, with flexible options for self-delivery and pickup.

Uber Direct

Offer white-label delivery powered by Uber

Delight customers with express, same-day, and next-day delivery from your website or app by implementing Uber’s white-label API.

We’re proud to work with more than 890,000 merchant partners in more than 11,000+ cities across 6 continents¹


Pricing tailored to your business

Grow your business your way with simple and transparent pricing.

Building community together with you

Through ongoing partnerships, programs, and advocacy, we’re here to create connections and grow together with you.

Access support when you need it

As an Uber Eats customer, you can easily contact our Support team 24/7 by calling our customer service number at 833-275-3287, emailing, or connecting by chat in Uber Eats Manager.

¹As of February 2023.

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